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Life Principles

The 13 life principles provide a detailed road map to break the shackles of fear, unworthiness and melodrama.

Claim a life of purpose, passion and meaning, and experience a new way of living on Earth



Experience the 13 Life Principles

Get a deeper understanding by choosing a principle card for your daily focus.
One focus per day.
Another step toward liberation.


At the end of the Sixties movement, the Beatles went off to India to learn meditation. Many political activists followed their inward journey seeking nature for quiet and seclusion. As the Sixties revolution wound down, a quiet revolution began.

Since the Sixties, millions of people have faced their own negative egos and internal demons, choosing to move toward their human potential. Dissolving fear, stress and anger and transforming addiction to experience their own beauty, the Quiet Revolution has now become a global journey to evolve. The Quiet Revolution is now pioneering an evolutionary leap of life that is igniting the New Humanity movement.

The covenant of the new humanity is embodied in the 13 universal principles

The New Humanity Covenant

History tells us that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. In a time when fear and divisiveness are enveloping the world, we are simultaneously witnessing the dawn of a New Humanity—a large global family now emerging that yearns to ‘be the change the changes the world’. The New Humanity hears the call for a journey to evolve—to stop the finger pointing and make an evolutionary leap into a new human awareness.

The 13 life principles

To advance a global journey to evolve, we offer a roadmap to a new stage of awareness; 13 Life Principles that have been carefully crafted and woven into an integrated mosaic. Taken together, they support any person who yearns for a prison-break from the harsh realities of the human condition and wants to experience the freedom of who they have always been. These universal precepts are simple yet profound – accessible to anyone who wants to take back their life from their own negative egos. Now you can remove the stress, worry and fear to experience your own purpose, passion and gratitude. Now you can unlock your greatest tool of power—your own perception. Now you can experience the magnificence of who you have always been. In a time of fear, anger and divide, you can live, shine and thrive as you ignite humanity’s greatest adventure.





the perception power tool to change all of your life experiences


invite serenity to envelop you with comfort and safety


be present now without body armor


meet your new best friend and partner on this journey – your own physical body


the choice to stop turning over your power


what you fear is what you attract


the doorway to your liberation lies in your own reactions


change your body chemistry to support your journey to evolve


break the chains of disrespect with the unconditional state of being


confidently engage the world without the fear of making mistakes


tap into the source of all energy


experience the knowingness of your authentic Self


All the principles woven together into one experience to celebrate your life of beauty

Simple Principles with Complex Application

Each principle seems self-evident, but the understandings beneath them are new to the world and their depth of meaning appears to have no bottom.

We have developed an in-depth AWAKE 100 Training (formerly known as Life Principle Training) that brings this deep meaning to the surface. Over time and day-by-day through an inspiring practice, the “people problem” that lies within all of us fades away.

The AWAKE 100 Training (formerly known as Life Principle Training) will nourish and inspire anyone who yearns to experience a new way of being.

  • Face your deepest challenges
  • Change without feeling wrong or guilty
  • Answer your own deepest questions

Learn an inspiring new way to approach the incessant drama and trauma that challenges movements, communities, families, & organizations.

Take Back Your Life

What should we do when someone triggers you?

When we get angry and lose control, do we know how to check your goodie-two-shoes ego before it lashes out at our spouse, friend or associate?

If we want to check our own ego, do we know where it is located exactly?

It turns out we have thousands of negative egos pulling our strings and running our lives. To take back our life, we have to find them, name them, and let them go. But how can that be done?

One of the 13 life principles—Check Egos—teaches you clearly and precisely how to employ a practice you can experience yourself.

No one will lecture you in this training either. If you are tightly bound to your drama and trauma, you won’t be confronted by the facilitators. No one wins an argument with the goodie-two-shoe ego, Ronnie-righteous ego, sabotage ego, victim ego, pity party ego or anger ego anyway. The 13 Life Principles don’t work that way. They help you discover that what you fear is what you attract and what you condemn is what you experience. You learn to check every negative ego and take back your life – yourself.

Taken to heart, these principles inspire you to:

  • Take back your life
  • Banish drama and trauma
  • Recover from addictions
  • Stop the judgment and end the blame
  • Dissolve your stress, worry, and fear
  • Remove your victim mindset forever
  • Love life and thrive again
  • Experience the Authentic Self you have always been

A Call To A New Humanity

If you are part of the New Humanity, you will feel the resonance with everything we’ve said. You have felt a yearning for years, maybe even your whole life. It has been the underlying driving force in your insatiable quest to learn, grow, evolve, and serve.

You are not alone. Millions of us have been on the same trajectory, walking our own unique, challenging, and awesome path to come to this moment together. We have expressed this passion through conscious leadership, conscious business, social justice, organic eating, energy-efficient choices, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga, just to name a few.

The New Humanity AWAKE 100 Training (formerly known as Life Principle Training) will take you to the next level!