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Rennie Davis

When I was a teenager, my idea of a student movement was the 4-H club. The first time my picture was printed in a local newspaper, I had just won the Clarke County Poultry judging contest. I was holding a chicken that pooped on my pants at the exact moment a Berryville, Virginia reporter snapped my embarrassing image. The first time I visited Chicago, I competed in an international poultry judging championship. Growing up in rural America, I was a normal teenager who could never have imagined that in a few short years, the Vice President of the Untied States would call me “the most dangerous man in America.”

When four black freshmen took their seats at an all-white Woolworth’s lunch counter on February 1, 1960, my “normal” 4-H life changed forever. That day, in the blink of an eye, I joined millions of others, most of them in their 20s, who wanted to change the world.

One movement event led to another and then another until I was the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in the Sixties. I coordinated the demonstrations in 1968 in Chicago watched on television by more people than watched the first man landing on the moon. I was indicted with seven others in a trial (the Chicago 7) described by the NY Times as “the most significant political trial in American history.” I organized the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history and partnered with John Lennon to bring a million people to the Republican convention.

My life plan must have been to have as many lives in one lifetime as possible because after the Sixties, I experienced more big changes. I spent time as a consultant to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, I became friends with a network of rare inventors whose discoveries could change the world, and in a “brief” sabbatical from business I moved to the bottom of the Grand Canyon where I lived in quiet for four years.

My current life began in the Grand Canyon where I discovered the power of listening and the language of feeling. I also realized anyone could learn to talk with the Earth by not thinking.

Now I love, live and work with Kirsten Liegmann, and together we are supporting a deep impulse to connect our global family, the New Humanity, for a journey to evolve. Why? Because it is a time like no other when humanity’s greatest adventure can write a new human story that ignites a new humanity on Earth.


Kirsten Liegmann

Three primary strands of passion and interest have woven together throughout my life to bring me to this moment in time, serving as Ambassador for the New Humanity: business, spirituality and consciousness.

An intrepid entrepreneur, my business journey and career started when I co-founded and grew to a multi-million dollar business an ergonomic chair manufacturing company.  My deep love and passion for the Earth and sustainability stepped back into the forefront, however, when I embarked on earning an MBA in Sustainable Management.

Seeing business as a powerful force in society, I believe that it is the responsibility of commerce to make whole systems decisions that take into account the rights and of all stakeholders, including those of the Earth.

I applied this powerful combination in my career as I served numerous clients as a business coach, operations manager, financial director and whole systems designer.  In particular I served as Director of Operations and Finance for Gaia University, an international university dedicated to the advancement of ecological and social projects worldwide, where I created and implemented system designs for every quadrant of the operation including accounting, finance, business development, regional center development, database design, and student advisory services.

Having been a spiritual seeker all my life, the last decade and a half brought to the forefront the understanding that humanity is on an amazing journey to evolve, but that we are truly at the very beginning of it. Our current, early stage of awareness is thus causing us to occupy this planet in ways that are highly destructive and myopic.

Having experienced the magic of a broadening perspective and the understanding of who we are as a species with a treasure chest of birthrights and abilities, I have dedicated my life, alongside my beloved partner, to igniting, training and bringing together the New Humanity.

This is a potent time of possibilities: of a segment of humanity – the New Humanity – to wake up, of the New Humanity to come together as a powerful global force for change, and of the New Humanity to create a new way of living on Earth. This is what I have dedicated my life and my passion to.