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Nation of Ilian

The Pillars

Every endeavor – be it a project, a business, or a movement – needs two pillars that provide the anchor points for any strategy and action within it. The first pillar is created by a strong foundation of principles that are fundamental and non-negotiable. It’s the compass that informs how we show up in the world through our perceptions, actions and behavior. For a business this pillar is embedded in and creates the company culture. Religion and traditions serves as an anchor point for many individuals. For the New Humanity, this pillar is made up of universal Life Principles that become the Lithmus test through which all decisions are evaluated and assessed and all relationships are established. You can learn more about the New Humanity Life Priniples here.

The second pillar is articulating and nurturing a powerful vision of what you want to create, anchored in a profound understanding of why it calls forth your passion and desire to see it manifest. Creating a new nation on Earth is the guiding star of the New Humanity. The nation of Ilian holds that New Humanity grand vision.

Many people are dedicated to creating a new human future. Millions of us in the New Humanity share common values and support common sense sustainable solutions. Until now, however, we have not chosen to come together. We have not chosen to unite in a way that can change the outcome. What if we decided on a common framework that checks negative egos, respects people unconditionally and collaborates in achieving humanity’s greatest adventure? We could create a global nation and come together as one unstoppable force.

The Nation of Ilian is the profound and timely decision to come together and change the world.

Each person and organization in the New Humanity holds a piece of the puzzle to this new global adventure. Step by step, communities and organization could emerge to live and thrive without destroying the planet. In time, millions of people could rise to the occasion and build an inspiring ecosystem based on a global network of collaborating communities and organizations aligned with the intelligence of nature.

If we choose to only stay tightly bound to the importance of our own passion projects, humanity will fail. If we honor and respect our diversity with millions of people embracing a new stage of awareness, we can rise to the occasion and change the world.



What are Our Principles?

Thirteen Life Principles taken together provide an invaluable framework for humanity’s greatest adventure. Recognizing the power of our own perception, these principles accurately reflect how the world truly works. Our world is a hall of mirrors reflecting back to us our own thoughts and perceptions. Whatever we fear is what we attract. Whatever we condemn is what we experience. Practicing these 13 universal principles, we discover for ourselves the physics of our world—that our own thoughts and perceptions are creating our life.


These principles are not a new religion or another group think ideology. They are a framework that profoundly supports anyone to get their own evidence that they can rescript their future simply by changing themselves. With these principles, all our relationships transform before our eyes. We experience a conscious evolutionary leap. Abandoning the blame, victim mind set, finger-pointing and drama and trauma forever and embracing life-sustaining and regenerating choices, the nation of Ilian sends out a powerful invisible influence into the world.

What is Our Name?

The name for our nation was not invented but found. Like the energy evoked by the words Camelot, Avalon and Shangrila, the name contains hope, promise, magic and joy. It did not originally reveal itself in the ancient languages of Latin, Greek or Sumerian. It came from a young writer, Christopher Paolini, who created his own language for his fictional book, Eragon. Inspired by the early Norse and Celtic languages, he crafted his language from scratch to become the language of Elves embued with the power of magic.

One word in his created vocabulary stood out: Ilian. Paolini chose its translation as ‘happiness.’

Further research revealed that the word Ilian does have roots in some ancient languages. It first appeared in the Latin language where it meant a youth possessing a deep desire to use his or her leadership abilities for humanity. It further evolved as the name of the individual who could focus on large, important issues with the qualities of love, compassion, intuition and humanitarianism. In a later reference, Ilian was found in the 9th Century BC when it meant an action-oriented, energetic, strong-willed person wanting to make a difference in the world. When Ilian evolved into the French, German and Swedish languages, it continued to describe the person who could inspire, lead and finish whatever was started.



What is the Strategy of Ilian?

This is not a watered-down, piece meal solution to humanity’s profound deepening crisis. The Ilian mission is to showcase interconnected whole system solutions that inspire a new way of living on Earth.

Ilian is the decision of a new generation to cut the Gordian knot on humanity’s unsustainable ways and unlock the prison of the entire human condition.

Ilian is the decision to question, re-think and re-design every established unsustainable and life-destroying practice of our global society.

How should we build homes, organize transportation, grow nutrient rich foods for local communities, eliminate waste, and create a system of wellness? Ilian has assembled and continues to invite practices and innovative technologies to support any region choosing regenerative systems or struggling to cope. Each of you in the New Humanity holds a piece to the puzzle that will create Ilian out of the ashes of current human society.

Unlike all other nations, Ilian does not worship endless growth and consumption to live and thrive. When we look around, we see for ourselves what governments do not. Our civilization is unsustainable. Our oceans are dying. We passed the point of no return on climate change some time ago. Soil, water and air pollution are on a fast-paced trajectory that threatens humanity itself. We are warned by scientists that pandemics are coming, but no government seems able to get ready.

The Ilian strategy is to demonstrate that humanity can thrive without fear and divide:  how to end food insecurities; how to offer healthcare based on whole system solutions affordable for all; how to deliver sustainable clean energy for virtually no cost; how to deliver options to regions in no option despair.

To rescript virtually every human practice, we need to drop the need to point fingers. We can build a nation that transforms the future by solving humanity’s biggest problems by demonstrating how to change the world out of a great turning in ourselves.



What piece of the Nation of Ilian puzzle do you hold?

To write a new human story does mean climbing a great summit. Ilian stands at our summit. It may seem challenging because it requires replacing the blame and finger pointing with a new stage of awareness. But when darkness envelops the world and governments are unable to cope, isn’t it time to realize a new generation does not have to set the table for humanity’s last supper? Our time has come. We can come together in a nation that shall not perish from the Earth.
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