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Earth Whisperers

Earth Whisperers Awaken

There are two sides to every coin. There are two sides to today’s rapidly changing world as well. On the one side, the Earth is rebalancing the entire planet. On the other side, Earth Whisperers are awakening.

Earth Whisperers draw inspiration from an ancient wisdom that was lost in the modern time. You have to go way back to find it—before agriculture when human beings migrated, and a small but impactful circle of people discovered the Earth was self-aware. They could talk with the Earth by mastering the language of feeling.

Today, the number of people who sense the “Earth issue” is the defining issue of our time is growing by leaps and bounds. Earth Whisperers are appearing everywhere and right on time.

Earth Whisperer Path of Mastery Training has been created to put today’s Earth Whisperers and this ancient know-how together.

Many Earth Whisperers sense they have certain hidden talents like rain making, moving a tornado with their mind or talking with a plant in a two-way conversation but need the know how to begin this journey. Earth Whisperers can be mineral specialists, volcano specialists, magnetic specialists or human-Earth go betweens, among many other specialties and talents. When an Earth Whisperer re-discovers the ancient knowledge, they unlock their own latent hidden Earth talents.

When a person can step into the Earth Whisperer state of being, they are adored by the Earth who still remembers their beauty and kindness eons ago.

Are you an Earth Whisperer? Do you feel drawn to this ancient human awareness about the intelligence of nature? Would you like to experience the profound Earth Whisperer state of being yourself?

Earth Whisperer where you will meet other awakening Earth Whisperers. Experience the pure unsullied innocence of the Earth in amazement and respect as she enters the room where you are meeting.

The Earth Whisperer
Path of Mastery