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My Gift to You

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If you feel you are standing at a crossroads in life, unsure which way to turn but feeling a deep longing pulling you toward something you can’t grasp, the journey to Inner Royalty might just be what you have been praying for.

One theme keeps coming up in my coaching sessions and conversations, again and again, is that: people are “standing at a crossroads.” Life has plugged along. Everything seems relatively stable, “normal” and functional. Yet, scratch the surface just a bit and a deep restlessness, dissatisfaction, and confusion emerge.

Many people are starting to be confronted with these questions; “there has got to be more meaning to my life,” “I feel a deep longing for something I can’t put my finger on,” and “I feel confused, stuck and alone.”

One client, in particular, stood out. She was a successful executive, having followed the corporate ladder up the rungs. She had a good marriage for a while. Kids. The house. The shiny objects of life. She was fully “in control” of her entire life, using push and force to propel herself forward.

Until this “good” life suddenly started crumbling. The marriage fell apart and the staleness of the corporate job became unbearable. But most importantly, she could no longer ignore the decay of her life force. There was no joy and no aliveness. The lack of meaning became painful.

All the emotions that had been hidden by her well-groomed life came crashing forward: Fear, worry, not good enough, confusion, unworthiness, patterns of self-sabotage, paralysis. How she described it was: “I want to curl up in a ball in a fetal position.”

She had come to a crossroads in her life.

The choice? Either continue down the road she had been on for so many decades OR have the courage and take the risk to step onto a completely unfamiliar path: one that chooses trust over fear, flow over control, calm centeredness over drama, and being the 100% self-observer over sleep-waking through life controlled by egos. The choice is a commitment to step consciously onto a journey to evolve and to wake up.

I stepped onto that path when I hit my own crossroads many years ago. Filled with stress, fear and cowardice – and a debilitating regular migraine as a result – I had to make a decision: continue trying to please everyone around me doing the “expected” things or learn to fundamentally change myself. To consciously step onto a journey to evolve.

The journey has been challenging, eye-opening and deeply profound. Everything I thought I knew from the many years of studying spiritual teachings I had to set aside and embrace this journey as a student who knows nothing. What has opened up from that journey has been so profound and life-altering.


What is

Inner Royalty?

The concept of Inner Royalty captures the essence of the state of being that we all can touch if we just allow ourselves to unpack who we think we are and reveal who we truly are.

I am not claiming to be at a place where I can remain in a state of Inner Royalty all the time – that is my goal and my deep desire – but I live it to the best of my ability each day using a step-by-step roadmap. This roadmap is available to anyone standing at this crossroads feeling a gentle nudging or maybe a desperate pull towards …. something else. Something that can help you step out of pain, out of fear, out of indecisiveness, out of feeling unworthy or not good enough.

If you want to learn how you can step into your Inner Royalty send me a message and we can explore what is your next best step!

In gratitude,