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Pick a Principle

Let the Life Principle you receive
Become your focus and practice for today
And another step toward
The future Self you are becoming

This virtual Life Principle deck contains each of the 13 Life Principles as a ‘card’ followed by a detailed one-page description. Each day pick one card as your principle for the day. In addition to your daily focus, you may want to choose a principle for the month and even for the whole year. Read your card write-up carefully as you feel deeply into its profound meaning. Take this meaning into your day (month/year) and experience the results that accumulate over time, propelling and nourishing your journey to evolve.

Step 1: Quiet your brain, relax and open with curiosity

Step 2: Click on the card below to receive your principle for the day

These Life Principles are a pathway to a new humanity. They can remind you every day of what you have set out to achieve. With these life principles, you hold the key to walk out of the prison of the entire human condition and into a new way of living. Waking up to your own magnificence and realizing how this world actually operates--a mirror reflecting back to you your thoughts and worries--you learn that what you fear is what you attract. The human race has only begun this amazing journey to evolve.

Each morning when you wake up, pick one principle "at random" by clicking on the card above.
Let your body intelligence pick the principle for the day without thinking. When you read your principle for the day, don't rush through it. Take your time. Feel into it. Each principle has a deep meaning you want to deeply ponder. See if you can feel the energy of the daily principle as you take it in. Consider the immense changes that will occur for you if you truly take this principle to heart. You may be surprised when certain principles are picked again and again several days in a row--those are the ones you are being guided to work on.

This is a life work for the journey to evolve. Taken to heart and turned into a daily practice, one day these principles will cause you to stir from your own sleep and say: "the sleeper has awakened."


* These 13 New Humanity Life Principles were drawn from ancient traditions and ageless wisdoms. The first principle, everything is going to be better than you ever imagined, was inspired by the teachings of Sheradon Bryce.