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Awake 100%

Evolve ~ Arise ~ Regenerate Belong ~ Choose

100% Awake Reveals All Solutions

As Earth’s ecosystems collapse, species disappear and disasters ravage entire regions… As we witness a worldwide descent into fear, depression, and anti-life… A passionate global New Humanity tribe is igniting a potent Field of Possibilities to break free of fear and imprisoning emotions.

Are you ready to fully commit to a journey to evolve? To ignite the largest movement in human history and transform the way we live and thrive on Earth?

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Three Core Pillars for Action




13 Life Principles

Unlocking the prison of the human condition to unleash a new stage of awareness for a quantum evolutionary leap




A Movement of Change

Weaving our individual passions into a common mission we become the force that changes our world.




The Nation of Ilian

Focusing our collective creativity toward the creation of a new global nation for a new way of living on Earth


Evolve • Arise • Regenerate

Humanity stands at the crossroads of evolution. An immature human awareness tightly bound to its fear and divide invites a journey to evolve. When society becomes a wrecking ball to every natural living system, it is time to notice the horizon. The consequences of how we live on Earth are fast approaching. Our civilization is unsustainable. A new generation must write a new human story to have a future at all.

As the largest change constituency in history—millions of New Humanity ambassadors from all generations today —we can become an unstoppable force for a new way of living on Earth.

A clear path out of humanity’s hard times and misery begins with ourselves. Reconnecting to the wisdom of our own bodies, we can regenerate ourselves into a vibrant, thriving creative wellbeing inspiration. Cultivating our deep respect for the intelligence of nature, we can support the Earth as she regenerates herself. Reconnecting to who we truly are, we can generate Love, Life and Joy into the world.


Who is the New Humanity? We are everywhere. We are in spiritual communities and the conscious business movement. We are permaculture and green building designers, health and wellness practitioners, black lives matter activists, life coaches, and new economy advocates. You can find us in the Never Again and Me Too movements, with the Water protectors and indigenous communities and in many more passion projects. Our common thread is our common sense and understanding: the way humanity is living on Earth and with each other is unsustainable and in desperate need for different solutions.

We all have been working in our own unique, but separate ways to create a better world. Now we need a leap of life into a new human potential: removing fear and resistance, getting off our emotional rollercoasters, and embracing a new way of being in ourselves. It is time to become the change we wish to see in the world. It is time to usher in a new nation on Earth. You all hold a piece to the puzzle. Which one is yours?


We are witnessing an escalating healthcare crisis marked by chronic pain and illnesses, the emergence of superbugs and pandemics, depression, and addiction. It is time for the New Humanity to take charge of its health and wellness with comprehensive, mature, whole-system solutions. The collective knowledge and wisdom for health and wellness can be brought into a global ecosystem of WellBeing.


Bodies – Nature – Healers Reconnecting to the wisdom of the body we can learn to identify root causes of our health challenges, remove the deepest blockages to wellness, and regenerate our whole physical system. Natural, holistic and energy medicine practitioners then bring a multitude of ancient and modern modalities and technologies that work with the intelligence of nature – the most effective pharmacy available. With comprehensive and individualized wellness plans, each person can embark on a journey to regain wellbeing and vitality.


The Earth and a group of humans once lived in harmonious accord. Deep respect, love, communication and understanding were the qualities of this human-Earth relation. These human ancestors possessed extraordinary Earth talents, the echo of which continues to be heard in Aboriginal cultures today. We may have forgotten their talents but they are embedded in the memories and genetics of modern day Earth Whisperers as well.

With today’s volatile Earth events shaking our cities and burying communities under rubble, floods, fire and ash, the call to return to an ancient human-Earth accord and reawaken our latent Earth talents has a new urgency. Forgotten understandings that provide the mastery to activate those ancient talents and access the deep wisdom are currently arriving in the world.

Calling Earth Whisperers to claim their mantle now!


Humanity stands at a crossroads. We can either choose to continue down the road that is depleting and destroying our bodies, spirits and life on Earth; or we can choose to make a conscious evolutionary leap to free ourselves from the shackles of our negative egos and create a new way of living on Earth. In everything we do we inspire, train and coalesce the New Humanity to become the leaders, pioneers and designers of a new Nation on Earth. Foundational to the New Humanity are 13 universal Life principles. Taken together they provide a roadmap to become a spiritually mature, self-aware people on a conscious journey to evolve. Embracing these principles we can design a human-built civilization rooted in whole system solutions that align with the intelligence of nature. Every New Humanity project we engage in provides a puzzle piece to creating a new, sustainable, regenerative, harmonious nation on Earth. All our organizations and collaborative ventures provide fertile ground for creating a New Humanity culture of respect, individuality, passion, and purpose. Like the mythological bird that consumed itself in flame until nothing remained but an ashen seed from which the Phoenix would rise again, the New Humanity takes flight today on the wings of its own magnificence.