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human-earth accord

Earth Whisperers Future for the Planet Earth Whisperers Future for the Planet

In 1970, the first Earth Day was pioneered by students attending 10,000 schools. Today, the date, April 22, 2019, has become a global teach-in for environmental protection in 193 countries. With ceremonies at the United Nations and many other events inviting people to “ring the peace bell,” it is common to hear speakers exhort their audiences to understand “every day is Earth Day.” For most people, however, their old habits return on April 23.

While there should be nothing but praise for this 49-year global campaign to protect the Earth’s vast ecosystem, anyone willing to look up and see the horizon can see for themselves that our oceans are dying, our rain forests are in peril, the largest extinction of species in the past 65 million years is occurring now, the Earth’s ice caps are melting away, the oceans are rising and time is running out on the Earth Day global dream.

What ecological role do we humans play in our environment? What are the requirements for the future of humanity? What would truly change the human-Earth outcome? Even the global environmental movement hasn’t fully figured that out. To understand what a new human-Earth accord would look like, we have to go back – way, way back – before agriculture when human beings migrated. That was a time when Earth Whisperers previously existed.

If you could travel everywhere in creation, you would discover there is no planet like this one. With its rich, diverse plant life, vast animal kingdom, crystalline life structures, large oceans, deep rivers, colorful deserts, mountain summits and sheer awesome beauty, the Earth is one of a kind. This planet is not an inanimate object either, as many people currently believe.

In an ancient time long ago, Earth Whisperers discovered the Earth was self-aware. Whenever people have lived close to the Earth, awoke with the sun and went to sleep with the sun’s passing – wherever people lives followed the cycles of nature – there were Aborigines, shamans, medicine men and intuitive people who could talk with the Earth. But the ancient know-how of Earth Whispering – lost to the world when agriculture began – is the precious, invaluable know-how urgently needed today.

The Earth is traveling a difficult path today. Without changing direction, the Earth could lose her atmosphere and go the way of Mars. The Earth’s issues are not the same issues listed by speakers at Earth Day events either.

From the Earth’s point of view, the powerful drone of fearful, angry human thoughts tops her list of the three greatest dangers. Thoughts of anger build up with a magnetic pressure that can punch holes through the ozone layer. The decline of volcanic activity is another top three concern. When volcanic activity slows because humans don’t want their mountain to blow (yes, human thoughts can affect a mountain), that lowers the temperature of the Earth’s core which threatens all life on Earth. Listening to the Earth, her number one human pollution is not carbon dioxide emissions but the human population that exceeded its load limit some time ago. Because the Earth’s nature is to balance, the Earth is going to balance. Since humans are out of balance, the Earth is re-balancing now. The first stage can be seen in our volatile, intense weather today. The first stage is simply the beginning of an event that will re-define today’s global generation.

An Earth Whisperer understands the language of the Earth is feeling and that every feeling has a beginning and an end. A feeling also contains data. An Earth Whisperer learns to access the language of the Earth by activating their solar plexus brain and integrating their brain in the stomach with the three brains in their skull.

An Earth Whisperer also understands the brain and the mind are not the same. The brain is located in the skull.  The mind is located in an electrical field attached to the skin. By quieting the brain and accessing the mind, an Earth Whisperer learns to receive knowingness about anything in which s/he is curious.

The lost ancient know-how of the Earth Whisperer is returning to the modern time – and it is a time like no other. Some people know inside themselves they came into this time to wear the Earth Whisperer mantle. If that is your life plan, rest assured you will magically find your way to this lost ancient know-how that will awaken your Earth Whisperer talents.

Humanity currently occupies an immature stage of awareness. There is nothing wrong with any stage of awareness. However, when a species destroys the planet it lives on without realizing it is destroying its own habitat, that’s an early stage of awareness. Only a new stage of awareness can create a new human-Earth accord.

Aligning with the intelligence of nature and supporting the grand orchestration of life on Earth is easily done with Earth Whisperer know-how. Creating a pathway that humanity can follow to a new human-Earth accord is an Earth Whisperer mission. It doesn’t promote the human agenda but does support the Earth’s agenda as she re-balances. Earth Whisperer support is loved by the Earth while Earth Whisperers create a pathway to a new human future.

A new voice – Earth Whispering – has suddenly appeared to inspire and uplift the Earth Day message and to redefine the ecological role we humans play in our environment
Recycling plastic is important but the future of humanity is so much more. A new stage of awareness requires we change ourselves. Everything changes from our thoughts and perceptions to our subconscious and unconscious respect. It’s not for everyone. Evolution is self-selecting. For those who yearn for a journey to evolve, the Earth Whisperer choice is truly beautiful and profound.

As the consequences of how humanity has lived on this planet knock, knock, knock on your own door, you may feel drawn to the Earth Whisperer path of mastery. If you can feel the call of Earth Day to change the world, you are welcome to join in and pioneer a new human Earth-accord yourself.

By Rennie Davis

Rennie Davis was the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil right coalition in the 1960s. Today he is an Earth Whisperer mentor.