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Shield & Shield Petite


The Shield is an invaluable asset and companion on your journey to evolve. Human beings are a social species. Until you can individuate from the social collective, you can sometimes experience the anxiety and fear of social consciousness. The combined frequencies in the Shield offer support to keep you grounded, balanced and protected. Wear your Shield Pendant or Shield Petite whenever you are in public spaces.

note: the Shield does not come with a chain



We have created a unique crystal product called the Shield, a pendant that continuously broadcasts a range of precise frequencies working in harmony to shield your mind and protect your body. Drawing from extraordinary new information about rocks and stones and how particular stone recipes can serve as a support system to enhance one’s journey towards spiritual maturity, the Shield is comprised of the energy of nine stones that together support mental clarity, well-being, ability to ground deeply to the earth and provide protection against outer influences.

The design of the Shield begins with three Swarovski crystals. Each is imprinted with a specific stone recipe. The technology employed for the imprinting process is able to record the vital force signature of each stone and then amplify and infuse it precisely into each crystal matrix for storage and frequency broadcast.

Shield Petite: This beautiful, smaller, subtle Shield design graces close to the neckline. It contains all the frequencies of The Shield. The back is finished with two little Black Tourmaline beads.


Components of the Shield/Shield Petite include:

  • A clear crystal triangle (cone in the Shield Petite) imprinted with five stones functioning as one set to create a psychic immune system. As you get more sensitive, you can sense you are being pushed around by social consciousness. Without a psychic immune system, you can feel invaded or pushed around by the emotions of other people.
  •  A second triangle (cone in the Shield Petite) holding the recordings of three stones that work together to ground the body and balance the body’s atomic orbits and polarities. Balanced orbits and a healthy body go hand in hand. If you want to experience the body chemistry of joy, your atomic orbits need to be balanced. When your orbits are out of balance, your body chemistry changes, putting more stress and strain on the organs and causing them to wear out quicker.
  • A raindrop crystal (cube in the Shield Petite) imprinted with the recording of one of Earth’s rarest stones emanating a frequency that supplants negative egos.


To read or download PDF with a full description of the Shield and its componentsClick here