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Pure Electrical Life Lotus


Beautiful Crystal Lotus infused with the frequency of Electrical Life in its purest form. You can now experience the frequency of pure Electrical Life in both the HOPE meditation and in this crystal. Using them together can deepen your meditation experience.



This beautiful crystal lotus contains the frequency of ultimate purity – electrical Life in its purest form. This powerful energy can dissolve any negativity, fear and unworthiness inside yourself. Nothing that is not beautiful, pure and pristine can withstand the potency of this frequency of Life.

Certain frequencies can be measured on the Hertz scale. Other subtle energies cannot be measured with present technology, but your body can experience them. To create an image for your mind, picture a subtle energy scale of 1 to 10 million. When you are 50% open, your frequency will be 50,000 on this scale. When you are 100% open, your frequency will be 100,000.  When you experience electrical Life in its purest form you have reached 10 million — the highest frequency in the physical universe. Ten million is the energy of complete purity and the lightest thing in existence, and it is embedded in this beautiful lotus crystal.

There are only a few dozen remaining that were directly hand-infused by Rennie Davis. He passed away on Feb. 2, 2021.

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Blue tipped, Clear