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Celebrate Earth Day

How do we celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day is such a wonderful day to remind us that our connection to and respect for Earth matters. Learning to live again in harmony with Earth is essential for our future as a species and the well-being of our spirits. Earth Day 2019 celebrations will be happening all over the world on April 22 to honor and reestablish our connection with Earth.

Many humans long for the same deep connection to Earth that our ancestors once had, by necessity, naturally. Author Richard Louv in his book “Last Child in the Woods” posits the hypothesis that children, in particular, may be affected by what he calls Nature Deficit Disorder.

Our modern lifestyle has enabled us to remove ourselves from nature, especially in our urban areas. Our bodies and souls long for a connection with nature, even if we are consciously unaware. The smell of flowers, wind in the trees, seeing a majestic elk, and the delight of a tiny hummingbird are evidence of how viscerally connected we can be to our home we call Earth.

Dawn of Earth Whisperers

Earth and some humans once lived in accord. Deep respect, love, communication and understanding were the qualities of this ancient human-Earth relation. These human ancestors – we call them Earth Whisperers – possessed extraordinary Earth talents, the echo of which continues to be heard in Aboriginal cultures. We may have forgotten the Earth Whisperers talents, but their abilities are embedded in our memories and genetics. Earth Whisperer talents include:

– Sensing earthquakes/tsunamis before occurring and influencing their outcome.
– An innate ability to talk with Earth.
– Make rain.
– Send life into Earth’s core.
– Clean oceans by pulling out of it negative human thought debris.

Earth Whisperer ancestors lived in confluence and reverence with Earth. When agriculture began and humanity built technological and physical barriers to control nature, humans lost their talents and deep Earth respect. Now there is a call to renew the ancient human-Earth accord and reawaken our latent Earth talents

Earth Natural Balance

Do you feel humanity is seeking balance and Earth is re-balancing itself?. If you have sensed this, you may have also sensed Earth would be the central issue for this generation. An issue known to you even before you were born.

Before agriculture, when human migrated for food, Earth Whisperers knew Earth was self-aware. Earth, far from being merely an inanimate rock of resources for us to use or even merely a self-regulating organism as James Lovelock posited in his Gaia Theory, is a self-aware being, like you and I are self-aware. Earth Whisperers talked with Earth and it communicated back. Earth Whisperers supported Earth as it supported them. Even when their profound know-how was lost to modern times, Earth never forgot them or their appreciated support.

Forgotten understandings that provide the mastery to activate those ancient talents and access the deep wisdom are currently arriving in the world. Earth Whisperers hold the promise to rekindle our memories, awaken our talents and inspire a new human-Earth accord.

Earth Day the Earth Whisperer Way

Many fun, engaging and informative activities for Earth Day 2019 are scheduled. Earth Day for Earth Whisperers will include a celebration of Earth for who it is. They will commit to enter a renewed human-Earth accord based in respect and reverence. Earth Whisperers will celebrate Earth Day 2019 in five ways:

1. By listening. Deeply listening.
2. Listening with open curiosity.
3. Asking what does Earth want?
4. Asking how would it like us to celebrate?
5. Asking how can we support it?

If you feel drawn to explore the Earth Whisperer way, try this eight step Earth Day meditation sequence:

1. Find a beautiful spot if possible outside in nature.
2. Take three deep breaths, in through the nose and out of the mouth. Use this reset breath to inhale the beauty of Earth, calm centered and a sense of relaxation and exhale any stress, tension and distraction. Become present with your breath and the Earth.
3. Let yourself open, open, open, as far as you can open. See your heart open like a flower from a bud. Open your throat and your solar plexus. Let every cell in your body eagerly seek openness like flower blossoms seek the rays of the sun.
4. Send a grounding cord from the bottom of your feet deep into Earth – 200 miles deep – and anchor yourself there. Know that you are grounded and safe.
5. Allow Earth energy flow up from the depths of Earth into your feet and up into your body, filling you with the beauty of Earth.
6. Now let yourself open up to curiosity. You want to get to know Earth. You want to hear what it has to say. Let the curiosity well up in you.
7. Begin listening, deep, profound, silent listening. Your full active attention is with Earth. You are a mindful receptor for Earth. If a question wells up in you for Earth, ask it. Feel free to introduce yourself too. Then listen.
8. Stay in this place of deep, silent listening, without thinking, for as long as you can. Be nourished to the depths of your being by this state of being.

As you come back to focus, aspire to stay in this state of being throughout the entire Earth Day 2019 celebration. Let it know that you KNOW it is self-aware and that you intend to start walking with the rhythm of Earth, in deep respect and reverence as another ambassador for a new human-Earth accord.

Kirsten Liegmann

By Kirsten Liegmann