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Experience how meditation can reduce anxiety

Use meditation to reduce stress and anxiety

Do you wish you could sit quietly in meditation?


Do you sometimes wish you could meditate for more than 10 minutes without your brain running around like a dog off-leash, without getting fidgety or stopping in a huff of frustration?

Do you wish you were able to just let yourself sink into a calm, peaceful, and nourishing inner stillness free of the stresses and worries of your life?

There is mounting scientific evidence that meditation and mindfulness can help with your mental and emotional wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and focus, and enhance self-awareness.
Yet getting yourself to sit down for a meditation, let alone being able to do it for more than a few minutes often seems like the hardest thing to do, doesn’t it?

Global Hope MeditationI personally find that doing meditations together with a group helps my focus and magnifies the experience. Others have shared similar enhanced experiences with group meditations.
That’s why every month we host a free group meditation webinar.

In this time when the life we’ve known has crumbled with breath-taking speed and the future is unknown at best and can be really frightening at its worst, meditation can be one of your best tools and allies to navigate your day-to-day with calm, stress-free ease.

When I first tried to meditate 20 years ago, sitting for a mere 10 minutes was an accomplishment. I had a monkey brain that could not stop planning, problem-solving, and racing through random topics. Sound familiar?

It was a huge miracle then that this last weekend, I was able to sit for four hours in the most delicious, regenerating, expanded inner silence, body fully relaxed, my mind present and focused and my being more and more in calm gratitude and joy.

What helped me shift from frustrating 10-minute meditation attempts into the ability to sit for four fulfilling hours??? A series of guided meditations we created over the years that have specific and powerful frequencies embedded within.

Guided words are helpful. Precise frequencies are transformational.

The right frequencies can relax specific areas in your body all the way down to the skeleton. They can help dislodge and dissolve old emotional debris like fear, stress, and unworthiness; and they can open you up to experience who you truly are in all your radiant beauty.

Among the many meditations we have created for our students over the years, there is one meditation that is the current superstar of them all. We call it the HOPE Meditation. And it is our gift to the world at this time. Click here to download your copy of the HOPE MEDITATION.

In the first part, Rennie’s soothing baritone voice assists you to move into feeling fully grounded, relaxed, calm, and open. Stress just melts away. But it’s the second part that is the blow-your-hair-back experience. It bathes you in a frequency that is nothing short of transformational; we call it electrical Life in its purest form.
Not only does is calm your monkey brain, but the frequency is so pure and pristine that it starts dissolving any fear and anxiety that might be running in your body. The nourishing, precious energy is a balm for frayed nerves, it soothes the heart so it can open and expand again, and its lightness allows your spirit to soar.

More and more people are doing the HOPE meditation on a daily or weekly basis for their own wellbeing (and the wellbeing of the planet and humanity).
It requires practice though. Just like you can’t lift 100 lbs the first time in the gym, you have to condition your body to be able to hold the high frequencies embedded in this meditation. That’s why every month, until our mass global meditation culmination event on November 11, 2020 we will come together for an ever-growing group meditation to help soothe your fraying nerves, uplift you, assist you with your frequency ‘reps,’ and practice becoming a Keeper of the Balance in the world.

After you download the HOPE MEDITATION you will automatically receive updates on the next webinar. Or if you want to plan ahead – you can check the schedule here.

Sending you a loving dose of Pure Electrical Life,




Kirsten Liegmann
Ambassador for a New Humanity


P.s. Learning to meditate (or enhancing your current practice) using the right guided meditation that draws on precise frequencies to deepen and amplify your experience, has been an emotional and spiritual game-changer for me. Let it be a game-changer for you too. Gift yourself the experience of our powerful HOPE Meditation


“The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace.”– J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda).


Download your FREE copy of HOPE Meditation