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Who is the NEW HUMANITY?

Who is the New Humanity?

I received an email yesterday in response to an email I sent out to my email list. He was basically wondering why it seemed that we were “surgically removing” Christianity, esp. mystical Christianity from the New Humanity. I took some time to respond to him in-depth. I’m sharing my response to him here because it helps identify who the New Humanity is. So here it is:

“Thank you so much for your reflections. Your questions open up a whole deep conversation.

I could very easily have received a similar email from a Buddhist, and Muslim, Hindu, etc. They all have deep mystical roots.

We have no desire or agenda to take up any argument with anyone and the beliefs they hold. In fact, respect is one of the foundational principles (along with 12 others) that we operate from. These principles are not rooted in any tradition or belief system (although they echo universal tenets).

The focus of the New Humanity is toward the future and who we have the potential to become on a conscious path of evolution and then to walk that path one step at a time, one understanding at time, one more bit of awake at a time.

We are witnessing the first inklings of a species going from completely asleep to waking up even just a little bit. That is a miracle to behold and an achievement to celebrate. It is an understanding that helps infuse us with deep humility: humanity is at a very early stage of awareness.

The work of the New Humanity is to explore what it means to wake up 100%, so we can then move into aware, then conscious, then intelligence and beyond. The journey that lays ahead of us is awesome and beautiful and nothing any human being has ever touched or understood before.

We honor and respect the sages, masters and wise ones who have helped bring humanity to this moment in time and we humbly and gratefully stand on their shoulders. At this juncture, we, however, choose to walk the path toward a future that is untethered from the understandings and beliefs of the past. We do so with open curious innocence and joy as to what may lie ahead of us. New information is coming into the world and it is here to propel us forward. We then get our own evidence – e.g. are we in more joy? can we navigate this time in a fear-free state of being? are we more present? is knowingness coming in to guide us in the flow of life? Are judgment, blame, and victim truly dissipating? Is our addiction to emotions leaving and being replaced with the delight of feelings? And so on….All of these are markers of whether there is a glimmer of more awake-ness in us.

It is the path we have chosen and are inviting those who feel the same sense of curiosity. It is not a new religion or a new kind of mysticism. It is pure and simple a new exploration of whether we can wake up from being a sleep-walking species. I understand this is not for everyone, nor do we have any need for it to be so.”

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