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Life Principle Cards


Respect is the cornerstone of a new human future. An ancient text puts it this way: the person who can nourish respect unlocks an innate potential that sends out an invisible influence. The power of respect to influence the world comes from its unconditional nature. The influence quickly fades, however, when turned on and off, giving respect to some while denying it to others. To build a global family based on respect, everyone embraces respect as their own deep purpose. Communities function with respect for nature and people. Businesses understand the value of constantly renewing the qualities from which respect flourishes, inspiring each enterprise to become fertile soil for people to create without ulterior designs. Respect engages everyone with an open curious innocence.

In previous generations, the person who had no judgment of anyone, who could see the deep purpose in all people, regardless of their ‘wrong doings,’ has been called the fool. Nevertheless, in the lives of Lao Tse, Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Dalai Lama and many others, we witness the fool inspiring the world with the power of respect. The chains of our world are easily broken in the choice to end blame and respect each other. A culture of respect supports people who are closed and defensive to relax and experience for themselves the comfort and safety of respect. Respect invites people to solve their problems through collaboration rather than blame and finger-pointing. Drawing this principle, you want to shift out of every reaction and negative perception today to experience unconditional respect for a life that is better than you could ever imagine.

As the ancient Chinese I Ching text has said, where respect has replaced the need to make others wrong, the mind becomes natural. Where the mind is natural, separate aims fall away. When separate aims fall away, people can accomplish the task that is great. Today, your mission is to respect all day long as judgment, blame and separate aims all fall away and you accomplish the task that is great.