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Life Principle Cards


Passion is your birthright that no one can take from you, even when your passion is buried because it seems too frightening. Your passion can return again. It can return again today. Passion is a fire principle. Reclaiming your passion, you dance with the fire. You are never too grown-up or old to touch that internal playmate that comes with the fire. You can always find it again. If it has been a while since you felt the fire, your passion may start out subtle. Accessing the fire all day long, however, it won’t be subtle anymore. Drawing this principle, your birthright returns to fill your life with passion.

Today you can have it all by reclaiming your passion. Your only requirement is to lose the fear of making mistakes. You will never find your passion if everything is a mistake waiting to happen. Passion always perceives that everything is going to be better than you could ever imagine. Passion is never about making your life one continuous risk-avoidance zone where you never take a chance on yourself. Without your passion, life gets rigid. When a person is rigid, they think other people will laugh at their new ideas. People laughed at the idea of electricity, the Internet and the absurd proposition that the Earth orbits the sun. Isn’t it time to lose the fear of making mistakes? Today, you are going to take a chance on yourself. Someone has to be brave enough to take the first step, make the first discovery and find the new way. Since you picked this principle today, that person is you.

Passion doesn’t mean you have to be reckless or foolish either. Passion is about the way you feel inside. Walk today with an inner calm, self-assured and confident. Your body posture declares, “I am not afraid to act and engage this world.” You trust yourself and will take a chance. There’s no intellectual formula. You just do it. Why does one person have passion and another person does not? Those who follow their passion just do it. They start following something even when it’s not all worked out in the beginning. Following your passion brings you the success you deserve. Today you want to flip a switch, get fired up and make all those dreams come true with the fire of your passion.