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Life Principle Cards

Open-Curious Innocence

Human beings enter the world with an innocence free of ulterior motives. Everyone loves the innocence of the child. But we lose our innocence as we age. Each new generation of humanity pushes deeper into a density where innocence fades and self-importance grows. There is nothing wrong with any stage of awareness but there is nothing wrong with a journey to evolve either. Did you know that innocence is the frequency of your authentic Self? Innocence is the experience of a mature stage of awareness too.

At today’s crossroads of evolution, everyone gets to choose. We can embrace our negative, finger pointing, Ronnie Righteous egos or we can return to the unconditional innocence of our authentic Self. Reconnecting with our innocence, we return to who we have always been. Innocence is open curious. Innocence aligns with the intelligence of nature. Innocence is the key that opens every door to every magical kingdom. Some people may tell you that innocence is weakness—that the world will take advantage of the person in innocence. But thoughts and perceptions draw experiences to us. Innocence is actually the most powerful state of being there is.

Innocence uses your super power to create a magical life everywhere you go. With innocence, you are always in the right place at the right time.

Today you want to return to your innocence. For this amazing practice, you will need to open as far as you can possibly open. The part of you that has never been contaminated by human negativity, blame, egos or fear awaits you when you can profoundly open to your innocence. Experiencing your own preciousness, your heart will open, and every task will get done for its own sake. That’s what you want to experience today.

Here’s a scale to measure openness. One (1) is as closed as you can possibly be and one hundred (100) is all the way open—as far as you can possibly open. On this scale, the human race everywhere on Earth averages between 5 to 6. Obviously, humanity has not yet realized what it means to open. Instead of opening, we suit up with body armor for more protection. We never get to experience that when we open as far as we can possibly open, life’s magic comes to us. When we choose risk avoidance as our permanent state of being, we have no idea what actually happens when our need for tight control is replaced with a curious-playful attitude. What happens is beautiful. Intuition kicks in and creativity ramps up. Practicing this principle today, you get to take back your life without those fear egos constantly pulling your strings.

Negative egos want you to believe that “to protect myself, I have to stay closed and tight.” That is a fiction belief. Today you end the fiction. When a person is afraid of their own shadow because they don’t know what is going to get them, open-curious innocence shows them there is nothing frightening out there. That’s when, you figure it out. You create your own reality with your thoughts and perceptions. You realize that what you fear is what you attract and what you condemn is what you experience. You stop drawing harsh lessons to yourself when you are open curious innocent all day long, all the time.

Let’s try it today. You have to feel it and not fake it to get your own evidence that open curious innocence is your most power state of being there is.