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Life Principle Cards

No Blame

People who always find fault in everything and everyone outside themselves struggle to understand the No Blame concept. Blame is the perception that you live in a victim world. When you hold the belief that someone did it to you, you turn your power over. Blame, however, is always a reaction in YOU. Any reaction in you is an ego acting out. When something happens that causes an emotional reaction in you, the reaction is always in you. When you can realize that you create your own reality and that the origin of all your experiences is your own thoughts and perceptions, you are always acknowledging, “I created that,” even when you don’t know why. Instead of blaming others, observe your own reactions. Every reaction is a window into yourself. Today you want to fully embrace the No Blame concept.

Some call blame discernment not realizing that any comparison that has respect for some and disrespect for others in its emotional charge is blame. Is no-blame possible? Can anyone do it? Deeply realizing that what we condemn is what we experience can motivate you to experience this extraordinary principle. No blame is the agreement to respect the deep purpose of a new way of living. Ending the drama and trauma does not mean you have to be a goody-two-shoe either, where passion, personal preferences and different opinions strongly held have no place. Groupthink is not the path of a New Humanity. Individuation, diversity and differences are the hallmarks of a new way of living.

Today you can generate solutions without the need for any blame at all. Instead of judging others, invite yourself to experience compassion without meddling.

Feel the energy of other people without a need to label or fix it. If a human being shows up before you today, that’s good enough to send them your respect. You master the No Blame principle with respect. Open Curious, Appreciation and Gratitude and Better Than You Could Ever Imagine are additional principles for deepening the No Blame principle. No blame for you today. If you take the principle to heart, you will be one the path to taking back your power and your life.