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Life Principle Cards

Love Your Self, Love Your Body

It seems like your awareness and your body are one package, but your awareness and your biological system are not the same. Your body is thought-reactive. It follows your awareness anywhere it wants to go, giving you the impression you are one package—but you are not. Did you know that when you get angry at “them,” it registers in your own body chemistry? Instead of attacking your body by blaming others, invite your body to become your companion on a journey to evolve. Talk with your body. Love your body. Ask its advice and seek its support. Your body will talk to you if you are willing to listen.

Body postures are a way the body talks to your awareness. When your shoulders are slumped and your heart is closed, that’s body talk for stress and worry. Noticing your body postures, you can shift a posture from depression to happy. Try it now. Say to yourself, “I am upset” and notice your posture. Now say, “I am happy,” and notice how your posture subtly changes. You can change a bad mood into joy. Can you experience a joyous state of being simply by changing your body posture? Do it now and see for yourself.

When you draw this principle, you want to talk with your body, send love to your body and hug your body all day long. The body contains many wondrous gifts including the greatest archive in existence. If you want to know something, your body intelligence has it all. Body guidance registers in your stomach region. Your body also has more than five senses. You have sonar in the hair follicles of the ear (and supported by the tiny bones behind the eardrum.) You can direct your sonar to pick up information about any subject in which you are curious. For instance you can locate water beneath the Earth’s surface using your sonar. You also have radar in your forehead, which you can use to gather information on any question you want your body to answer. Loving yourself and loving your body, you can access your body’s wondrous abilities.

Choosing this principle today, invite your body to be your new best friend. You might want to forgive and make up for all the times you ignored or abused your body. Let it be known that you love your body. Talk with your body. Learn the language of your body. You have a new partner now. Loving your Self and loving your body all day long, you experience the magnificence of a new partnership for life on Earth.