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Life Principle Cards


Every human being has an authentic Self. The authentic Self is who we are. It has never been contaminated by a single negative thought. Located in your physical body, the authentic Self resides in a place unaffected by worrying brain chatter. A journey to evolve is the extraordinary adventure to your authentic Self. It provides you the framework on which you can build your unique individual qualities. This feature makes every Self different and unique. You create many faces that you can change for any occasion. These faces, however, are not negative egos. They are elegant, flowing personas. This principle is called Listening and provides a path to the state of being of your authentic Self. In Listening, you receive knowingness. In Listening, you feel compassion without a need to fix others. In Listening, you can experience the magnificence you have always been. Once you experience your authentic Self using the principle of Listening, you can literally love your Self into existence. Listening is based on four great pillars: (1) mindfulness; (2) active attention; (3) compassion without meddling and (4) transformation. These four pillars work together like yin and yang.

When another person is present, you want to be in the receiving mindfulness mode and broadcasting active-attention mode simultaneously. Human beings love being heard without being judged. They also love real attention. Attention means you are in rapt attention with whoever is in front of you. You hear their story from your heart. You support their dreams with your listening. You pay attention to every subtle expression of the person on whom your attention is centered. You have compassion without a need to fix, correct or change anything. Listening creates an energetic bridge to anyone you meet. This bridge empowers your pillar of transformation. When a person is stressed, worried or fearful, listening transforms that fear into joy. The recipient of your active attention experiences nourishing joy without feeling judged. Should they choose to walk out of a harsh condition—from a physical illness to a psychological addiction—they can take your bridge of transformation to a “miraculous’ healing. Listening, you don’t perceive other people are doing something wrong. Holding a person in perfection, they can heal themselves when they choose your energetic bridge. Listening is the path to your authentic Self. Drawing this principle and practicing this understanding connects you to your authentic Self while transforming your outer world.