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Life Principle Cards


Never let your joy be bound and gagged. That alive, spirited part of you needs its freedom today. Drawing this principle, you want to first understand that joy is a force that is all around you. Even the four forces described by our physics—gravity, electromagnetism, weak force and strong force—are one force. Joy is that one force and the only energy there is. Joy gets stepped down by negative thoughts, but when you give yourself permission to feel the one and only force around you, joy is how it feels. Joy permeates everything. Using the power of perception, a person can compress the joy into fear with their worry or anger. Using the same power of perception, you can find the joy inside the fear. The design of our world is binary. Only one force is involved in a binary system. One side is the positive and the other side is the negative, like a battery. The on-button provides the power while the off-button makes the ground. A field comes off the force when power is applied. That’s a binary system at work. Understanding the physics of a binary reality—and realizing that joy is the only power there is—you are never fooled again. Next time you see a person in anger or fear, rather than be hoodwinked, see the joy in their fear.

Anyone who perceives the joy in everything has figured out the riddle. Nothing empowers a new human future like solving the riddle. If you want to wake up and feel the joy, here’s how to do it: See the joy in everything. Today you want to return to the joy. Joy is how you wake up. Perceiving the joy in everything, you propel your journey to evolve forward. Using the power of your perception, you can make joy your only reality. Can you realize everything is joy? Can you understand you are joy as well? This is important. Not seeing the joy in yourself, you don’t know who you are. When you look for your authentic Self, it seems hidden and camouflaged. Your own magnificence gets passed over. Without an ability to see the joy in themselves, human beings clutter their life with brain stories and negativity. The more clutter we bring in, the more harsh lessons we invite to ourselves. Soon our life is filled with everything but joy. That’s the clutter. When we can’t figure out we are only joy, that’s a problem. Everything in our world is made of the same stuff. There is only one energy. Our reality is binary with only one force: joy. Drawing this principle today, find the joy in everything all day long starting with yourself.