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Life Principle Cards

Appreciation & Gratitude

Who doesn’t appreciate being appreciated? Appreciation and Gratitude are one of the gifts you can share with others. Not so well known is what gratitude for others does for you. The human brain produces a unique hormone when you feel appreciation and gratitude that changes your entire body chemistry. Constant appreciation and gratitude turns your cholesterol into a hormone that collects in little pockets of the brain. A part of the dopamine class of hormones, this chemistry makes your body feel great. It helps you manifest too. When you feel appreciation and gratitude all day long, you build up a reserve of this feel-good chemistry that turns your dreams into reality.

Do you want your body chemistry to support you to wake up and change your life? Then produce a body chemistry that is adrenaline-free. Appreciation and gratitude is how you do it. It gives you the energy of true excitement, not the adrenaline-laced chemistry that dries out the skeleton with the chemistry of fear. Without an ample supply of this master hormone, people create through the principle of coercion—making things happen by forcing atoms and molecules together with stressful thoughts that force and shove. That way of creating is adrenaline-laced. You manifest your dreams with ease and allowance when you have an abundance of feel-great body chemistry that is naturally created from appreciation and gratitude.

When appreciation and gratitude become the experience of your own family, community, organization or nation, every communication, collaboration and creation is transformed. This principle brings you an alternative to stress, fear and hysteria. Why not generate a constant flow of appreciation and gratitude today without fear or worry? If you want to infuse this world with love, life and joy, feel your appreciation and gratitude. Today, feel your appreciation all day long. When you have gratitude every six hours 3 to 6 minutes minimum three times a day you will override all other negative thoughts. With this principle, you can see for yourself why appreciation and gratitude bring you a new way of living.