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Life Principle Cards

Fear Free

A famous President once said, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” That means when you don’t want to attract something to yourself, don’t worry about it. What you fear is what you attract. However, when you notice the fear rather than feel the fear, you dissipate the fear. Fear creates a form of magnetization. Not the north-south pole type of magnetic, fear is a monopole with no polarity and no movement. It doesn’t have the push and pull common to other bi-polar magnets. Offering no way to move, fear feels like a bottomless pit of tar you can never leave. When you have the same frequency as a fear monopole, it pulls you in like a Star Trek tractor beam. Fear latches on to the person who has the same frequency. Fear has a subject too. Personal finances can trigger fear. The health of the body is another common trigger. Less understood is what happens when you pay attention to someone else’s business rather than minding your own. You fall into their monopole of fear. Just walking by someone in fear as you voyeur them or judge them will cause you to pick up their fear. Fear free is the decision to stop judging others. Instead of accusing and judging, you want to notice and observe so you aren’t pulled in.

Drawing this principle, the best way forward today is to turn on the alive, passionate wild-nature part of you. Remember the book Women Who Run with the Wolves? That is an image for this part of your nature. Many people have lost this part of themselves. Maybe their spirit was harnessed or broken as a child. Many things cause our Wild Thing to be broken or harnessed. We lose something beautiful in ourselves when our zest for life is gone, and stress, worry and fear take over.

Your Wild Thing is a side of your nature you will not hide today. Today, experience your wild, free spirit by bringing in that passion. Your Wild Thing may have been caged like a lion in the zoo but today set it free. Today, let your passion be wild and free. Uncorking your Wild Thing does not make you a party animal, but it does make you a free human being who wants to play, laugh and create outside the box. Today, experience yourself as a fear-free human being with your wild spirit unwrapped. Today, your Wild Thing can do anything you want with passion and zest. How exciting is that?