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Life Principle Cards

Check Egos

Egos are a far more complex subject than people realize. The spiritual teacher who believes they are ego-free may be shocked to realize how dominated by negative egos they actually are. Hearing the suggestion that egos rule their life, they discount the suggestion as silly, not realizing the one doing the dismissing is one of their primary negative egos. How can you tell when you are in your ego? When you are caught up in who is right and who is wrong, become defensive about anything, rush to judgment, argue in your head with another person, feel that someone is out to get you, become a sore loser, think it important to make other people see things your way—those are egos controlling you. When a negative ego gets challenged by a principle like Check Egos, it will manufacture many excuses as to why you should forget this principle. Finding a way to defeat this principle becomes all-important to the egos in charge of you. If they can get you to start muttering about someone bothering you, you might forget the mirror principle. Egos would love for you to believe someone is bothering you and get you to bring your upset to a fever pitch. Now it is all about someone else, not you.

To master those negative egos, you have to find them. They hide from you but there is a great way to find them. Did you get upset, frustrated or irritated today? That’s the place where egos hide—inside your own reactions. Any time you fall into fear, another ego is born. Egos born in fear become your control egos. Control egos create warrior egos, hate egos, sabotaging egos, victim egos, lack egos, depression egos, and martyr egos. Until you can see them, they will own you. When you can see an ego rather than be an ego, you can edit the ego. Egos hide behind all the emotional reactions you have. When you notice your reactions, you can find your egos. When you find an ego, give it a name. When you name an ego, you gain mastery over it. Until you can see you are being an ego, it controls you. Rather than be that angry, upset, victim, finger-pointing martyr ego, notice your reactions. Noticing your reactions is how you check your egos. You want to find them, check them, remove them and stop making more. Noticing your own reactions is how you do it. Today you want to notice and observe every reaction in you. Feel the excitement when someone triggers you. They are showing you a window into yourself. Now you get to see an ego. Seeing it, you can give it a name and let it go and with that start taking back your life.