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Life Principle Cards


Aligning yourself to every principle, you can thrive, dance, sing, create, play, appreciate and, yes, celebrate as you bring all the 13 Life Principles into one orchestration. In celebration, you inspire the world. In celebration, you radiate the new-living state of being of your authentic Self everywhere you go. You are the change that changes the world. You have a new body chemistry with your appreciation and gratitude and open-curious innocence. Negative egos are checked. You respect others and are blame free. Calm centered with no need for blame or fear, you are passionate about loving your body and loving your Self into existence. Celebration means your perception of the entire world is that everything is going to be better than you could ever imagine.

Celebration is a gift you give yourself. Celebration is a treasure for others too, including the New Humanity you celebrate today.

The principle of Celebration enkindles a revolution of life. It is a contagious state of being. When a person is in celebration, one becomes two, two become four and four become millions in celebration. With celebration, you never get pulled into the drama and trauma. You are never pushed and pulled by the fear of others either. You are the antigen to fear. You radiate life with every breath and every step you take. You celebrate in festivals. You celebrate in solitude. Your world morphs and shapeshifts into the love, life, and joy you celebrate and spread everywhere you go. Today, your celebration takes flight on the wings of your own magnificence.