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Life Principle Cards

Calm Centered

Can you feel tightness in your muscles? Is fear the culprit? Fear makes you seek control by tightening your muscles. When muscles tighten, your skeleton gets rigid too. The cells of your bones were designed to bend and move. Stepping into the principle of calm centered, you release the tightness in the bones. As the bones relax, the muscles let go too. A loose skeleton is the key to melting all body armor and experiencing the comfort and safety of calm centered. Releasing and relaxing the skeleton, you bring in the energy of life. Tightening the skeleton, you bring in the energy of fear. Life and fear cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Life is life. Fear is anti-life. Human beings want to control what they fear, but control has never been the answer. Calm centered releases the control so you can return to life. When life is present, control is not necessary. When control is not necessary, life can flow.

Today, you want to access a state of being that is calm centered. First you need to release and relax deeply. To begin this practice, relax and release all body tension and tightness. Relax the tension in the jaws, lower back, buttocks and legs. Open your heart as you deeply relax every muscle group from head to toe. Now relax and release the nervous system and then the skeleton. Notice how many layers of body armor you are wearing now. Is tightness sneaking back in after you relaxed and released the first layer? Let go of the second layer and the third layer and the fourth layer until all the tightness is gone. With calm centered reps, you stop tightening up so calm centered comes in.

Next invite your body to infuse your whole being with the energy of serenity. The body knows how to do it. When you are present in the moment, bring in the serenity. Your body loves this experience. You may feel a protective bubble forming around you providing comfort and safety without being pulled in by the fears of the world. Life bubbles up in you as you experience the tender, precious feeling of serenity. Your body armor melts away so your life force can flow. Look in the mirror after practicing calm centered all day. Notice how life radiates from you when you are calm centered all day long.