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Life Principle Cards

Better Than You Could Ever Imagine

Is this a victim world where hard times and misery happen for no reason at all? Is your life a paradise filled with love and delights around every corner? It depends. The variable is you. The world you inhabit is a hall of mirrors reflecting back to you the beliefs and perceptions you hold inside yourself. Today, you can make the world’s greatest discovery—the life you are living has its origin in yourself. Your own thoughts are all-important when creating your miseries or delights.

Here’s how the world works: What you fear is what you attract. What you condemn is what you experience. It’s a strange idea that may initially challenge plain common sense. Nevertheless, practicing this principle, you will see for yourself. Today you can get your own evidence that your perceptions are the greatest (and only) tool of power you have. Today you can put every negative thought on a default setting. No matter the external evidence or your past experiences, today you know one thing for sure: everything is going to be better than anything you could ever imagine. Don’t fake it. You have to feel it. Try it and see what happens. Today you can transform your life with the power tool of your own perception. In one day, you can begin a new way of living.

Do you yearn to know the origin of the life you are presently living? Take a moment right now. Notice and observe the thoughts that cross your own brain. Take 15 minutes and watch your thoughts as they come up. Don’t judge them—just see them for fifteen minutes. Were there any thoughts of fear, stress, lack, poor-me or victim worries? Was every thought you had about the beauty, abundance, joy, creativity and the better-than-imagined experiences you say you want? Principle 1 invites you to make an about-face and reverse course on all the harsh lessons and negative experiences of your life. Practicing this one principle is how you do it.

If you fully commit to “better than you could ever imagine” one month non-stop, you will experience a great turning into a new way of living yourself. Taking this pearl of wisdom to heart, know in your whole being that everything is going to be better than you could ever imagine. Making this principle the law of your land and your perception about everything you see, you will discover you can change your world.