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Selenite emanates soft energy that calms drama, lowers density and soothes your nervous system. It cleans your biofield and all of your other crystals and stones. This crystal is unique in its ability to restructure any cell or organ in the human body back to its original design. It also structures your water. Selenite is self-cleaning.



As people age, cell walls, organs, and other body parts begin to lose their structure.  Selenite is a unique mineral that cleans out, re-structures and supports the body to return to its original design.  When you don’t feel safe, it generally indicates something is unstructured in your body, brain, mind or biofield. Using your Selenite, you can return to a place of ease and comfort.

Selenite is excellent for bones and to promote stamina.

Selenite balances the polarities of the body and our atomic orbits. When you experience moments of manic excitement and the next moment fall into a depressive hole it is often an indication that your polarities and orbits are not balanced. Selenite will balance your polarities and orbits to bring you back into balance and create a protective barrier from the emotional thoughts of others.

Selenite also restructures your water and plants, use it to restructure your fresh green drinks when you want greater nutrient assimilation.  Selenite is self-cleaning. It cleans your biofield and all of your other crystals/stones keeping them free of mental and emotional debris.

Selenites’ frequency feels calming and cool like an evening breeze. Placing large pieces around your home, so that you are in close proximity for 3 hours at a time, is where selenites magic begins. Selenite is excellent, placed under your bed in the torso region for all night body structuring.