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Lingham aligns and balances your physical body’s energy system – the chakras and orbits.  Only a few stones clean all the chakras.  The Lingham is one of them.



This is one of the few stones in the mineral kingdom that can clean and balance every chakra and orbit in the human biofield. Due to its cryptocrystalline quartz structure (with the inclusion of iron oxide and goethite),  its many thousands of tiny, tiny quartz crystals resonate with your body’s energy system, causing the alignment, balancing and opening of all major chakras. It grounds the body, cleanses the heart, and assists with overall balance and clarity.

It is one of the oldest religious symbols and celebrated for its healing power.  Lingham comes only from the Narmada River in central India.  It is tumbled naturally and pre-shaped by the river.

Mentally link a small Lingham to a large one. The charge of the large Lingham then works with the small one as you carry it around.