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Life Principle Cards


Utilizing the Life Principle Cards and write up you can take back your life from the 60,000+  thoughts that cross your own brain every day. When you pick a daily card, read the write-up and fully commit to the principle, by taking it to heart and bringing it into all of your daily activities you can discover a new understanding to transform your entire life.


What does it mean to be the change that changes the world? When a person embarks on a journey to evolve, they face an age-old question–who am I? We find the Self we are presently creating by observing our own reflections. Our answer is in the mirror. We create our entire world of experiences out of the perceptions we hold about ourselves. How we see ourselves is how we see the world. How we see the world is how we experience the world. It is our own handy work generating the good, bad and ugly of our own life.

To evaluate a strange and difficult concept, certain principles are available to give us the evidence.

Should we decide to make these principles our own continuous perception—when we take them to heart—they will show us how the world works. They support us to teach ourselves whatever we want to learn. We have a dream body that will teach every part of us, including the parts that are in resistance, whatever we want to learn when we practice these principles. Our dream body picks them up and teaches every other part of us to support our new principles when we make them our own. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. See for yourself. Here’s how they work:

  • Chose a principle daily and take it into every activity and conversation that day.
  • Put post-its and reminders of the daily principle on the fridge, bedside table, and bathroom mirror.
  • Once you have some embodied experience with the principles you can set them to be your default perceptions and way of being with the One Breath tool. Breathe in the nose and out the mouth while feeling each principle in your body and holding the perception that our body is permanently recording the principle. In time, every principle is recorded on our breathing cue. Now when we breathe, the principle we need at that moment is available to us.
  • We can also use an access word (the name of the principle) to access any principle and bring it up from long term memory any time we want.
  • If we want to change the world, these 13 Life Principles show us how to do it!


Better than You Could Ever Imagine
Power Tool to Change our World

Calm Centered
Inviting serenity to envelop you with comfort and safety

Open Curious Innocence
Be present now with curiosity and innocence

Love Yourself Love your body
Our New Best Friend is our own Physical Body

Fear Free
Notice the Fear—Never Be the Fear

No Blame
Compassion Without Meddling

Check Egos
The doorway to freedom

Gratitude & Appreciation
Changing Body Chemistry With One Perception

Engage The World Without Making Others Wrong

Dance with the Fire

The Source of All Energy

Experiencing Your Authentic Self

All the Principles Experienced At Once