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How to celebrate Earth Day 2020

How to celebrate Earth Day 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown?

When was the last time you truly connected to the Earth?

When last did you meander through a forest or along a lake, deeply inhaling the scents, sights and energy, and feeling the nourishment seep into your body. When last did you feel the safety and strength as your grounding cord locked deep in the Earth and you entwined with the intelligence of nature? When you felt her beautiful golden energy flow up through you, giving you chills up and down your spine? Felt her life circulating in your body, activating and enlivening every cell in your body? Felt deeply at home in that connection?

Did you gift her back something in those precious moments? Did it even occur to you to do so in the spirit of a balanced exchange?

Most humans view nature as a way to recharge and rejuvenate themselves. The benefits to overall wellbeing of walking in a forest or being by a lake are well-documented. We drive on masse to spend our weekends in the mountains, forests, and meadows and by (or in) the rivers, lakes and streams. Magically we return from these outings refreshed and more relaxed, our emotional debris washed away.

For most humans connection with the Earth is a one-way street. We go into nature to receive her healing and nurturing energy. Few consider the universal tenet of balanced exchange when connecting with nature though. We gratefully receive, but rarely do we give back.

Earth Day is the one day of the year when we focus our collective attention on celebrating the Earth, when we acknowledge her and pledge to do better with speeches, activities and gatherings. It is the day we try to give something back to her. Normally we spring into action on this one day per year to clean our messes from the year prior.

This year is different!

This year we’re all sequestered at home by sweeping stay-at-home orders. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent us all into a collective time-out.

How will we celebrate Earth Day this year when we can’t get out and get busy? We have two suggestions:

  1. Let’s take the time to actually listen to the Earth, deeply connected, open curious and with respect, and hear her point of view of these times.
  2. Gift her something back that she would consider a deeply appreciated exchange

Listening to the Earth

When was the last time you sat in deep silence, listening to the Earth? Just listening? No agenda, no request, no fear, no blame; just open curiosity to what HER perspective is on the time we are in right now, what her desires are, and what we could gift back to her that would make a meaningful difference for her wellbeing?

  • How does the Earth view this time?
  • What role does a pandemic play for her?
  • What is it like for her not having billions of humans driving, flying, and trampling over the Earth’s body incessantly?
  • How is the rising fear in humanity affecting her, even as the skies clear and water run cleaner?
  • Has she gone to war with humanity or is that a perception humans hold fueled by their own fears?
  • What would be an appropriate and gratefully received gift we could give to her to create a balanced exchange?

How would understanding her perspective help YOU navigate this time with more ease and calm?

The Earth and a group of humans once lived in harmonious accord. Deep respect, love, communication and understanding were the qualities of this human-Earth relation. These human ancestors possessed extraordinary Earth talents, the echos of which continue to be heard in Aboriginal cultures and Columbian Kogi tribes today. We may have forgotten their talents, but they are embedded in the memories and genetics of modern-day Earth Whisperers as well.

The Earth is self-aware and is perfectly capable of communicating with us. Are we willing to listen to what she wants to say? Can we become still enough internally, calm our incessant thoughts, and dissolve our fears so we can LISTEN?

This is how we re-align with the intelligence of nature. This is how we come back into balance with the Earth. This is how we can celebrate her. We listen!

Our Gift to Her

It is easy to see or understand the pollution we have been subjecting her to for so long, especially now that we have temporarily reduced that onslaught during this corona virus pandemic global shut-down. Soot and smog are being whisked away to reveal bright blue skies and majestic views long shrouded by air pollution. Rivers and canals are running clearer with far less chemical soup mixtures being dumped in. Over the last few years, we have also become far more aware of the enormous amounts of plastic clogging our oceans, beaches and rivers and now, with the recognition of micro-plastics, our own bodies.

There is one contaminant, however, humanity on the whole is not aware of, one that is arguably more damaging than all our physical pollution combined. This contaminant is fear and emotional debris. Every minute of every day, the Earth endures an ever-increasing amount of fear spewed out continuously worldwide by humanity, amplified more recently by the global sweep of the novel corona virus, COVID-19.

This emotional fear pollution seeps into the soils, the waters and the atmosphere in amounts that would boggle the mind, clogging her cells and choking and poisoning her through and through.

Without the ability to go out on Earth Day to join the various traditional clean-up and celebration activities, there is one contaminant we can do something about from the safety of our homes: fear. We have the ability to dissolve fear energy saturating the Earth’s soils and water with a unique, precious and pure energy: electrical Life in its purest form. This is the only energy in this reality that is impervious to fear and will dissolve it (learn more about this frequency here:

This Life energy will also nourish and rejuvenate her deeply, enlivening and uplifting her entire system and all the plants, animals and creatures, all the soils, rocks and the entirety of the mineral kingdom and all the waters on the Earth and in the atmosphere. It is a gift worthy of a balanced exchange for all the nourishment she has provided us. That’s when you’ll experience what gratitude from the Earth really feels like.

Become an Earth Whisperer on Earth Day 2020

On this Earth Day 2020, we invite you to join us for a New Humanity Earth Day event where we will first listen to the Earth and get her perspective on these times. What would she like us humans to know right now? Then we will, together, gift her this most precious of gifts we can give her in this time: the frequency of Electrical Life in its purest form embedded in the Hope Meditation (you can access the meditation for free here).

Will you please take the time on Wednesday, April 22, 1 pm MT, to be with us, to be with the Earth and to gift her the two things she needs from us most right now: our full, undivided, unconditional, respectful, and mindful attention AND electrical Life in its purest form.

Activate your deep connection to the Earth, remember your ancient genetic memory, and become an Earth Whisperer on Earth Day 2020!




Kirsten Liegmann

Ambassador for a New Humanity

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