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Welcome to Project HOPE 11-11


Thank you for joining Project HOPE 11-11  global action! Choosing to download and do the meditation on a regular basis, you have taken the first powerful step to experience a fear-free state of being.  By joining the global meditation on November 11th, you will help to balance the rising fear and give hope to the future of humanity.

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How to get more involved

HOPE 11-11 is a project that is ongoing throughout the Year 2020. The culminating event will happen on November 11, 2020, at 11:11 am US MT/1:11 pm US ET/18:11 UTC.

To get the most benefit from this meditation for yourself and to contribute to this project:

  • Do the HOPE meditation as often as you can. Think of it like you are going to the gym and starting to lift weights. You need to get your body used to the high frequencies in the meditation. The more you can experience the frequencies and practice sending them out, the more you will be able to add amplification when we all come together on Nov. 11, 2020.
  • Join the monthly HOPE 11-11 webinar and group meditation hosted by Rennie Davis and Kirsten Liegmann.
  • Join the HOPE 11-11 Facebook group where anyone participating in this project can connect and share with others.
  • On November 11, 2020, at 1:11 pm US ET, join us for the globally coordinated meditation.


We Invite You to...



HOPE 11-11

Join a virtual Hope 11-11 meditation circle. Find a meditation circle and enjoy the amplified energies of group meditation.




HOPE 11-11

Organize a meditation circle, bringing together your friends and community for regular group meditations.   Your groups can be as large or small as you wish and we will provide you with additional support & resources.




Hope 11-11 Meditation

This beautiful guided meditation has been created to support the HOPE 11-11 project. Accompanied by a music score specifically composed for this project, this meditation first guides you to relax your tension and tightness and open your nervous system, skeleton and electric biofield attached to your skin in preparation for the very high frequency of electrical Life in its purest form to flow through you.

The meditation is embedded with precise frequencies that support and deepen your inward experience. Certain frequencies can be measured on the Hertz scale. Other subtle energies cannot be measured with present technology, but your body can experience them. In the initial phase of the meditation, three frequencies are embedded in the recording: (1) 128 Hertz to relax all muscle groups; (2) 64 Hertz to relax and open your central nervous system; and (3) 32 Hertz to relax and open your skeleton. These frequencies can be heard in the audible range in the background during the meditation.

The subtle energies are not audible, but many sensitive people can feel them. To create an image for your mind, picture a subtle energy scale of 1 to 10 million. When you are 50% open, your frequency will be 50,000 on this scale. When you are 100% open, your frequency will be 100,000. When your Authentic (future) Self comes into your body, the frequency embedded in the recording is 5 million. When you experience electrical Life in its purest form you have reached 10 million — the highest frequency in the physical universe. Ten million is the energy of complete purity and the lightest thing in existence, and it is embedded in the meditation recording. The amperage increases as the meditation unfolds. Some people first experience electrical Life in its purest form at this moment of higher amperage in the meditation.

If you want an image of the Central Sun to support your personal inner experience, picture a white crystalline star–a faceted diamond–a 1000 times larger than our solar sun. Let yourself imagine you are standing in front of the Central Sun as its radiation of purity flows through every cell, molecule, and atom of your physical body. Many people experience this unique energy as a tone in their skull or lightness in their density. You may step into the delightful altered state of pure unsullied hope.

Once you are filled with the energy from the Central Sun, you are invited to send electrical Life in its purest form from your two hands to a 25-mile wide crystalline band of electrical Life circling the globe at the equator. The energy of complete purity is attracted only to itself. Sending the energy to this band from your two hands is all you need to do to help strengthen its amperage. From the equator, it radiates an energy that is impervious to the density of fear globally. This Central Sun frequency will not eliminate the fear of the world, but it can balance the fear with the energy of pure unsullied hope and protect the balance of life on Earth.

Anyone can join the HOPE 11-11 action to increase the amperage of electrical Life in its purest form until the density of global fear is balanced. This free meditation shows you how.

Become a HOPE 11-11 Meditation Host

Organize a meditation circle by bringing together your friends and community for regular meditations.  Your circles can be as large or small as you wish. We recommend weekly or bi-weekly meditations.If you choose to step into this role, we will list you on the website with the following information:

    • Your name
    • Your contact information
    • The location of your weekly gathering. If you are holding it at your home and don’t want it listed on the website, we will simply state the city (and where appropriate the neighborhood) and then direct them to contact you for the exact address.

We will support you with

  1. A suggested agenda for the weekly meetings
  2. As a gift from us, your own Life Principle card set
  3. A video you can play for new people

Please fill out the form below to register as a HOPE 11-11 Meditation Circle Host