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Project HOPE 11-11

Project HOPE11-11 is ongoing throughout the Year 2020. It’s main, the culminating event will happen on November 11, 2020, at 1:11 pm US ET/18:11 UTC.


There are benefits to being a part of a meditation circle:
Meet people in your community who also want to be part of leaving a legacy for humanity
Studies have shown that the effect of meditation is enhanced when we come together in groups

Before joining a meditation circle we recommend you…

Download and listen to the HOPE 11-11 Meditation
Access Hope Meditation

 Learn more about Project HOPE 11-11
Watch a replay of HOPE 11-11 webinar.
Each webinar focuses on a specific theme related to the HOPE 11-11 meditation.
Webinar Replay

Topics include: 
Manifesting at the Highest Level – How to create the life you desire and choose
How to make sense of 2020
How to Cultivate Inner Resilience
What is the Earths perspective on current events
Project overview and more…