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H O P E 11-11



Gathering 1 million people to protect the balance of life


On Wednesday, November 11th, 2020, we call on 1 million people to come together for one powerful moment in time to create an avalanche of hope in an age of fear. Guided by a meditation specifically created for this event, we will collectively focus a rare, pristine and powerful Life frequency into the world to protect the balance of life at a pivotal moment in humanity’s history.

Project H O P E  11-11 is for anyone who is seeking to make a powerful and meaningful difference in the world and leave a legacy of hope for humanity.


When you click on the button above, we will ask you for three pieces of information. Here’s why.

  1. Your name and email: This keeps you informed on the progress of Project H O P E 11-11  as we ‘march’ toward the November 11the culmination meditation.
  2. Your city and state: we want to create a global map of our million people participating in Project HOPE 11-11.
  3. Your mobile phone number (optional):  As we get closer to the event, we will use texts as a way to fully coordinate our activities leading up to our collective global meditation



Join our Monthly Group
HOPE 11-11 Meditation Webinars

Global Hope Meditation
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Each month we offer a free webinar and group meditation. These are opportunities to come together receive updates on PROJECT HOPE 11-11,  deepen our experience, and immerse ourselves in the amplified field that is created during group meditations. If you want to be part of something epic that is deeply rooted in HOPE and the possibility of a positive FUTURE for humanity, then please join us for these monthly webinars and meditations.


Visit Project HOPE  11-11 RESOURCES

Global Meditation November 11









A Global Meditation for Hope


The Rise of Fear

When a future time looks back on our present time, the defining issue above all others will be the rise in global fear. The emotion of fear is an energy compressed by thought into heaviness and density. As the fears of humanity envelop the world, many people are feeling this real and tangible collective weight. Fear is tipping the scales toward more and more density, threatening the balance of life.

It is possible to protect the balance of life in a time of paralyzing global fear!

Balancing the Fear

While fear is energy compressed into massive density, there is one energy that is impervious to the density of fear: we call it electrical Life in its purest form. The feeling it generates is pure, unsullied hope. This form of hope is the antidote to fear. Hope fueled by electrical Life in its purest form is the energy with which we protect the balance of life. This is not just a nice spiritual assertion. This is the physics of frequencies. The density of the fear frequency can be decompressed by the hope frequency of pure electrical Life. This hope frequency has been recorded and is now available in a guided meditation for anyone who wants to lower their own density, experience the energy of complete purity and balance the fear energy with a unique hope energy globally.

Hope 11-11 Global meditationHOPE Meditation

This beautiful guided meditation has been created to support Project HOPE 11-11. Accompanied by a music score specifically composed for this project, this meditation first guides you to relax your tension and tightness and open your nervous system, skeleton and biofield in preparation for the high frequency of electrical Life in its purest form to flow through you. The meditation is embedded with precise frequencies that support and deepen your inward experience.


Project HOPE 11-11

Anyone anywhere in the world willing to ground to the Earth, deeply relax and open to the understandings and frequencies embedded in the HOPE meditation can join Project HOPE 11-11 and contribute to the creation of a light, beautiful, fear-free zone that will envelop the planet and balance global fear.

Project HOPE 11-11t is a unique collective global action that can generate and then collectively broadcast the one and only frequency, electrical Life in its purest form, that cannot be compressed by the density of fear. It is a campaign to balance the world’s swelling and strengthening global fear. Project HOPE 11-11 is a quiet action for the person who wants to cast a vote of hope for the future of humanity.




Get involved

After you download the meditation you will receive an email with links to more information on the 4 ways you can get involved in Project HOPE 11-11 and additional resources based on your preference of how you choose to participate.


Level 1:  Meditate Regularly
    • Do the meditation as often as you can between now and November 11th.
    • Join the monthly Project HOPE 11-11 webinars and group meditations hosted by Rennie Davis and Kirsten Liegmann.
    • Join the Project HOPE 11-11 Facebook group where anyone participating in this project can connect and share with others.
    • On November 11th, 2020, join us for a GLOBAL MEDITATION.
Level 2: Join Virtual Meditation Group
    • Level 1 activities plus
    • Join a local weekly Project HOPE 11-11 virtual meditation circle.
Level 3: Host Virtual Meditation Group
    • Level 1 activities plus
    • Become a local host of a Project HOPE 11-11 virtual meditation circle by organizing and bringing together your friends and community for a weekly group meditation
Level 4: Enroll Organizations in Project HOPE 11-11
    • Level 1 & 3 activities plus
    • Become a hub coordinator, supporting and enrolling organizations, networks, communities and businesses to participate in Project HOPE 11-11 and helping us reach the 1 million mark on November 11th, 2020


Experience the energy of complete purity while balancing the rising global fear


Learn more about the scope of  Project HOPE 11-11

Watch the replay of our February 2020 Webinar introducing Project HOPE 11-11.