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Are you an Earth Whisperer?

Earth whisperers support the earth in a time of global warming and coming ice age

As humanity gets surprised by one global issue after another, the biggest issue yet to fully arrive is the Earth is rebalancing.

The future discovers there is no planet in our galaxy like this one. With her rich, diverse plant life, vast animal kingdom, crystalline life structures, large oceans, deep rivers, colorful deserts, mountain summits, and sheer awesome beauty, the Earth was one of a kind. The Earth was not an inanimate organism as many people in the present believed either.

Whenever people have lived close to the Earth, woke with the sun and gone to sleep with the sun’s passing—when people’s lives followed the cycles of nature–there were always among them Aborigines, shamans, medicine men and intuitive women who could talk with the Earth. Many who talked with the Earth discovered she could also talk back.

Before agriculture when human beings migrated, there were “Earth Whisperers” who knew the Earth was self-aware. They possessed a unique Earth know-how that was lost when agriculture began. When the new humanity discovered simultaneity, however, some people went back to the time when humans migrated and retrieved the ancient Earth Whisperer know-how for use in the present time.
The Earth delighted when Earth Whisperers returned to the present too.

Modern Earth Whispers have learned to talk with the Earth, make rain, create ozone for the atmosphere from their own body, send pure electrical life into the Earth’s core, pull negative human thought debris out of the oceans and hear in-coming Earth events like earthquakes and tsunamis before they arrived. When their solar plexus brain is fully opened, the language of feeling – the language of the Earth –can be fully received as well. Today’s Earth Whisperers have learned the Earth’s viewpoint on many subjects.

After thousands of stable years, the Earth is returning to a more volatile weather pattern
• Historic floods, fires, droughts, hurricanes and heat are arriving
• Fish, birds and insects are dying in record numbers
• Solar flares are exceeding previous intensities
• The magnetics of the Earth are changing
• A new evolutionary radiation has entered the atmosphere
• Delicate plants that previously turned towards the sun are turning away
• The planet is technically in an ice age today because the warming up and the cooling down are one cycle to the Earth

Earth Whisperers know that rubble, floods, fires, and volcanic ash are components of an age of extinction. They know human comfort zones get challenged by the proliferation of tent cities. Anyone who can feel the coming changes can understand a return to the ancient Earth Whisper has an appropriate urgency and value. A person who can sense Earth events before they arrive may feel drawn to this particular New Humanity network. If you can feel an Earthquake on the other side of the planet or sometimes dream of tornadoes just before a spinning wind rips through your own area –if you feel that floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and solar flares seem more personal, impactful and important than ever and wonder if you will sit on the sidelines, helplessly witnessing Earth events or assist the Earth and humanity in this time of global change–an Earth Whisperer training may be for you.

Earth Whisperers want to support the Earth’s agenda to rebalance the planet but may make respectful suggestions to the Earth as a human Earth go-between. Some Earth Whisperers today can move hurricanes or tornados out of a populated area when they have the permission of the Earth.

Are you an Earth Whisperer who supports the Earth’s agenda over the human agenda in the time of the Earth?

Rennie Davis
Ambassador for a New Humanity

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