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earth day planner

13-Hour Earth Whisperer Earth Day Planner

There will be no shortage of activities on this upcoming Earth Day. All you have to do is google “Earth Day” and your town and you will be sure to find something happening. You will be able to hear many speeches on the current state of the world, on inspiring visions for a more sustainable and renewable future, and on new technology inventions. You could also likely satisfy your inner activist and find a local protest group demanding action on many topics such as climate change and contaminated water. Activities for children will abound as well, whether to go pet an animal or learn about plants. The idea that humanity is eager to take a day to elevate the Earth to our conscious awareness, to demand a more respectful relation to the Earth and to show off our progress in a variety of domains is heartening.

If all the activities are a bit much for you, however, you may want to consider the Earth Whisperer way to Earth Day. Earth Whisperers understand that to truly connect to the Earth and serve her in the most profound way they must step into the Earth Whisperer state of being which takes some time. How about taking the entire day to step into this beautiful state of being? The following 13 steps are taken from a guided meditation that we introduce during our Earth Whisperer Path of Mastery masterclass.

The following is a description of these 13 steps.

Hour 1 – 7 am: No Thinking

There is an Earth Whisperer secret. The secret to the Earth Whisperer state of being is NO THINKING. You are going to think some and there is no need to be hard on yourself when you do. To experience the Earth Whisperer state of being, however, you must quiet the brain. You won’t find your intuition and knowingness when you are thinking, thinking. Being present with no thinking, you notice and observe what is right in front of you without judging or thinking whatsoever.

PRACTICE: Take this entire first hour to focus on quieting the brain. Become aware of your thoughts and gently let them go. Use your breath to quiet the brain. Imagine your breath on a Ferris Wheel. Let your breath go round and round without stopping at the bottom or the top. Wash your dishes focused on your breath without thinking. Drink your coffee focused on your breath without thinking. Prepare for the day without thinking. The benefits of this are not only a quieter brain, but a flood of oxygen into your system and a state of being where fear cannot take hold.

Hour 2 – 8 am: Ground

Why is grounding necessary? To create a clear mental picture, open the hood of your car and check out your battery. That battery has two posts—a positive and negative. The negative grounds the power with its wire to the car frame or starter. It may not appear important, but when you remove the ground, you can’t start your car. You burn out the battery. The same is true for your body.

Everything electrical has a ground. Electrical wires, your cable television, lightning rods all have a ground. The purpose of a ground is to assure that any excess energy goes into the Earth rather than overloading the electrical circuits. The human body has an electrical system as well. Your physical body is a great powerhouse that can be used when you ground. Fatigue can signal a lack of grounding. Grounding is the way to keep the psychic of your mind feeling safe. If you are a person who likes to keep the energy flowing, ground.

PRACTICE: Ground ground ground!

Grounding is about knowing you are grounded in your mind.  First, pick a place intuitively on your body to ground from. The arches of the feet are an excellent place from which to ground as is the tailbone. In your mind, gently spiral a high-tech cord from that place in your body deep into the Earth – 200 miles – and then spread out (like a high-tech clamp or the roots of a tree) and anchor firmly into the Earth. Tug on it to make sure.

To test your ground, find a partner.

Step 1: Without your ground in place, position your feet shoulder width apart with your arms hanging at your side. Have your partner stand next to you. Now have the partner grab the wrist of your arm and gently but firmly pull down until you fall off balance.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to ground above. Then repeat Step 1 above. Notice if there is a difference in your stability and balance when you are grounded.

Remember to remain in No Thinking

Hour 3 – 9 am: Relax

The Earth Whisperer depends on the ability to relax all tension and tightness not only in the muscles, but also in the nervous system and especially in the skeleton.

PRACTICE: Use this hour to release and relax the tension in the toes, the feet, the ankles, the legs, the stomach, chest and back, the shoulders and neck, and throughout your whole body until you come to your scalp and relax your hair (the Earth Whisperer learns to receive energy through their open hair follicles). With constant practice, you can say one word—RELAX—and everything will deeply let go in you. It is essential to relax your physical body to experience the Earth Whisperer state of being.

Hour 4 – 10 am: Open-Open-Open

On a journey to evolve, there are many different stages. The first stage is asleep. The second stage is awake. Being “asleep,” you live in your brain. There is nothing wrong with any stage of awareness, but on a journey to evolve, you can also choose to move forward. Evolution is self-selecting. You have free will. That means you have the right to choose if and how you evolve—or not. In fact, you can go from asleep to awake to aware to conscious to intelligence to supreme intelligence to an omnipresent state of awareness on a journey to evolve.

On average, the human race is between 5 to 6% open which equals 5-6% awake. The mature Earth Whisperer is 100% open. Fully open and fully awake is ideal for the Earth Whisperer state of being, for talking with the Earth, for letting your knowingness come in, for feeling and appreciating your beauty and changing yourself from a fearful, stressful stage of awareness into the awareness of your Authentic Self-who you are becoming on this journey to evolve.

PRACTICE:  For this hour, see yourself open up more and more. Go though each area of your body (you can focus on your chakras if you are familiar with that energy system of your body) and imagine them opening up like a rose. Notice if any vulnerability wants to creep in and close you down again. See each cell in your body open open open. Get yourself as open as you can during this hour.

Hour 5 – 11 am: Bring in the Earth

Now that you are relaxed and open, with your brain chatter quieter, it is time to connect more deeply to the Earth.

PRACTICE: Allow the beautiful dark golden energy of the Earth flow into you from the depths of your grounding cord through the bottom of your feet and up both legs until it fills your stomach, lungs, arms, hands, neck and skull. As the energy of the Earth enters your skull, it activates any latent Earth Whisperer genetics you may have. As the energy of the Earth pours into you during this hour, feel the innocence and precious beauty of the Earth filling you.

Hour 6 – Noon:  Balance the Brain

The nature of the Earth is to balance. You cannot support the Earth when you are out of balance yourself. You can rebalance your body and brain by balancing the two hemispheres of your brain. The meditation includes a precise frequency that supports the balancing the two hemispheres. However, since perception is your superpower in this reality, you can still do this practice in your mind.

PRACTICE: In your mind, imagine your bringing in the frequency to balance your brain hemispheres. You want to direct this frequency first from the right side of your skull through your right ear and out the left side. Picture yourself as a tiny dot of light 8 to 10 inches from your right ear. From your dot of light, direct this frequency straight through your skull. Then send the frequency from the left side of your skull to the right side as you feel your entire body come into balance. Keep your focus on this practice for this hour as you hold the perception that you are aligning yourself to the balance of the Earth.

Hour 7 – 1 pm: Feel Your Innocence

Innocence is a frequency of the Earth. It is also the frequency of your “authentic Self” and “pure electrical Life” (at different octaves). Innocence is the frequency of the Earth Whisperer who is aligned with the intelligence of nature.

PRACTICE:  Find something that helps you feel innocence. Look for a small child exploring the world around it. Find a picture of yourself at 1 or 2-years old. Play with a kitten. Anything that helps you shed the “adult” state of being and shift into the playful, sweet innocence state of being. Remember to stay relaxed and open.

Hour 8 – 2 pm: Turn Solar Plexus On 

The solar plexus consists of gray matter that can access the language of feeling. Feeling is the language of the Earth. By opening and activating the gray matter of your solar plexus brain, you can connect with the language of the Earth.

PRACTICE: The focus of this hour is to turn on and activate your solar plexus brain. Picture many fibers tightly bound in the solar plexus region. Now relax and open these fibers using your perception. You are activating your ability to access the language of the Earth.

Hour 9 – 3 pm:  Access Your Mind

Earth Whispering requires your brain chatter to grow more and more quiet and your knowingness to become increasingly your daily guide. Knowingness comes from the mind, not the brain, however. Your brain is located in your skull. Your mind is located in your biofield – the energy field that comes off of your skin. You cannot access the knowingness of your mind when you are thinking, worried or stressed. While most people rely on their brain their entire life, the brain can never give you knowingness about anything in which you are curious. To become an Earth Whisperer, you will want to quiet the brain and access the mind whenever possible.

PRACTICE: With no thinking and fully present, you are ready to access you mind. You access your mind with your perception. Picture a door to your knowingness and see yourself walk through that door into your mind. Without thinking, filled with curiosity, let yourself open to your intuition and knowingness.

Hour 10 – 4 pm: Body Earth Connection

Contrary to popular opinion, you, the awareness, and your physical body are not the same species. Your body is thought-reactive and will follow your awareness anywhere you go, but awareness and body are two separate species. Your body is animal. Your body’s intelligence is plant. The DNA of the Earth is animal and plant as well. That makes your body especially helpful to Earth communication.

PRACTICE: In this hour, focus on your body as a partner in your quest for stepping into the Earth Whisperer state of being. Talk with your body. Invite it to support you on your Earth Whisperer journey. Your body already knows how to connect to the intelligence of nature. Make your body your essential Earth Whisperer partner.

Hour 11 – 5 pm:   Bring in your Authentic Self

The path of the Earth Whisperer is a path to the authentic Self. Your ‘higher self” is not your authentic Self, according to the archive contained in your own genetics. According to your genetics, you possess a self-aware intelligence that has been with you since the dawn of your existence. This is your authentic Self. It is who you can choose to become on your journey to evolve.

PRACTICE: In your mind’s eye take yourself into your own future. This is a future where you have become the most magnificent, beautiful, calm, confident, intelligent Self you can possibly imagine. Let yourself feel this future Self. Allow it to become a possibility now as you bring its presence into yourself in the present moment.

Hour 12 – 6 PM: Bring in Life

Fear is one of the most toxic pollutants human put into the Earth. Fear is peaking in all of human history in the present time. An Earth Whisperer can balance the fear with the energy of Life. Life is the antigen to fear. Life is all around you if you know it’s there.

PRACTICE: With every breath you take during this hour, imagine a pendulum of Life swinging in rhythm with your breath. You want to breathe in Life. To deepen this profound and rare experience, feel your appreciation and gratitude for Life.

Hour 13 – 7 pm: Send Life to the Earth

The final step of this practice is to align yourself with the Life Principle Listening. To understand the depths of this final step, you want to listen and broadcast at the same time. You are receiving Life through your breath (listening) and sending out Life to the core of the Earth (broadcasting.) Life in—Life Out: that is your Earth Whisperer exchange. Every living being on Earth is nourished by pure electrical Life.

PRACTICE: Now that you have taken an entire day to go through each step of the Earth Whisperer State of Being journey, you are ready to give the Earth the most profound gift possible. You want to bring in Life and send Life out to the Earth in a constant flow of Life.

These are the 13 steps that guide you into the Earth Whisperer state of being. As you celebrate this important Earth Day with regular activities, allow yourself the profound experience of simultaneously moving each hour through the steps to arrive at the end of the day at a state of being that connects you to the Earth in a profoundly meaningful and purposeful way. Know that this gift is deeply appreciated by the Earth. She longs for the return of the Earth Whisperers. Are you one?

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By Kirsten Liegmann